Instagram 2.0

This assignment definitely made me grateful for Instagram filters. Although I love playing around with Photoshop, it definitely takes much more effort than just selecting one of those already available filters on Instagram. This assignment was very challenging for me because I am basically technologically challenged. This challenge required me to pick a photo of my choice and edit it on Photoshop to make it look like the Amaro filter. This was kind of challenging because I went through several photos before I settled on the one I actually used. I found that it was more difficult to edit the color of the image to match the Amaro theme depending on the original picture’s brightness. I finally found a picture that was perfect…A dog! Who doesn’t love dogs? I have an obsession with dogs so filtering this cute animal was very fun. Once I got the hang of messing around with the different features of Photoshop, this assignment was actually really fun.

Check out my masterpiece below!

Original Picture









Edited Picture 


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