Lights. Camera. Action.

For this specific assignment, I was supposed to come up with a brand of my choice and create a brand storytelling video for that brand. The brand I chose was Audi because I currently drive an Audi car. Little did I know this was probably the hardest brand to do a video over. At first, I could not think of any ideas for the story, but eventually after hours of staring at my computer screen I came up with something. I initially thought this project would be fairly simple because I own an Audi and I was going to use that, but I wanted to be able to create a story that highlights the mission and vision of Audi. Audi focuses on advancement of technology and making sure they incorporate their knowledge of that into their cars. They want to provide the best luxury accessories for their customers as well as the best qualities for safety. Since technology is getting more advanced every day, they want to make sure to innovate something that will help put them above their competition as well as gain the trust of their customers.  So that’s what I did with this video. I didn’t want their to be any talking, I just wanted their to be music with the focus on all the luxuries and the safety aspect of the car.

When I finished making the video, I was proud of my work. During the process of creating the video, I was very stressed and hard on myself. However, the end result was worth it and I am happy I had the opportunity to challenge myself. I think my reaction was what it was because I tend to get stressed out when I am assigned something that isn’t something I am used to doing. This video took time and effort and definitely tested my creative abilities. Sometimes I don’t give myself enough credit for what I can do and how creative I can be, but I just had to remind myself that everyone works at different levels. I am proud of myself and the story that is conveyed in my video. I hope to take all of the lessons I have learned through this process and  use them successfully in my professional career.


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