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Hello everyone! My name is Taylor Britt and I am a senior at the University of Oklahoma! My friends and family call me Taylor, Tay or Tbritt. I was born and raised in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Shawnee is  a little city southeast of Oklahoma City. Although I love my hometown, I hope to move to a bigger city later on in life such as Dallas or Los Angeles.

I am an advertising major, so I don’t know a  lot of information about public relations. However, what gets me jazzed about public relations are the endless opportunities and the excitement that comes along with the industry. Public relations is about managing reputation and supporting a client or organization. Event planning plays a role under the area of public relations . I love to plan events and that is what I do at my internship I have right now. I am in charge of planning banquets, gala’s and other big events. It is such a fun and rewarding job, and I have gained so much experience from it.

My friends and family motivate me the most in my life. I love surrounding myself with people that support me. Thinking about my future career also motivates me. I am a very competitive person and I always strive to be the best and accomplish my dreams. I have high goals and expectations, so I always give 110%.

Writing has always been a passion of mine. It is a way for me to express myself and my creativity. Writing is a key aspect in building your professional career as well. Writing can help with emails, job applications and building your portfolio. I love fashion, so I hope my creative and professional writing skills can help me build a successful fashion and design blog someday.

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