Reflecting on Public Relations Writing

Before I took this class, I didn’t have that much experience or knowledge about the elements of public relations writing. I have now learned how to properly write press releases, media advisories, position papers, feature stories, PSA’s and more. Learning the knowledge behind these things has already helped me in my professional career and has allowed me to build my personal portfolio.  I feel like all the fundamentals I learned have allowed me to excel as a writer. I also have picked up on how to properly get the right sources and express my writing in a way that attracts the audience.

My early days in this course started off a little rough. I feel like I didn’t manage my time very well and I rushed through some of the earlier assignments at the beginning of the semester. Although, I did the best I could and received a decent grade, I wish I could go back and put more effort in. I felt a little intimidated because these assignments require a little bit of creativity, and I felt like I lacked that in the beginning. However, after writing more and having more practice opportunities, I feel confident with many of the public relations fundamentals. I feel like I can take what I have learned and practice it successfully in my future career.

I feel like I turned the corner after the media advisories, media pitches, backgrounder and fact sheet assignments. I love writing, but this was a new style of writing for me. I had to open up and not let myself be scared of being creative. Once I got the feel for how things were supposed to flow, I felt more confident. I also had to get used to the online style of the class and keeping up with the assignments. Once I learned that, I managed my time well. I know how important making sure your facts and grammar are in this profession, so I gradually got better at proofreading and looking for errors before I turned an assignment in.

I really enjoyed writing the position paper. I put in a lot of effort and time and I was happy I received such a good grade. I wrote about why the Tipton Children’s Home was a good alternative to the foster care system. I felt like I was more prepared for this assignment, because I had someone read over my work and I was able to catch errors early. I also really enjoyed the topic and was able to put passion into my writing. I felt like my research was very thorough and I was able to back up my facts very well, which I think made my paper seem more credible.

I think if I could go back, I would have given more effort on the picture slideshow and caption assignment. I feel like I gave myself the least amount of time to finish and proofread this assignment, so I wish I would have put more effort in. I had a hard time with trying to find a topic to capture pictures of that was of interest to the OU community. The captions were also hard to write because I didn’t check to see if I used the correct grammar style. I went back and read the rules of writing captions, so now I have a better understanding of how to properly write them.

Overall, I feel like after reading through all the lessons and getting to practice writing like a public relations professional, I was able to really grow and excel as a writer. I can personally tell that my writing has grown stronger and that I can understand the specific fundamentals and writing styles/rules to public relations writing. I loved this class because I have gotten to actually take what I have learned and apply it to my job that I have now. I feel more confident when writing press releases and having to collect facts or create a story that appeals to my audience. I will continue to take what I have learned and use it throughout my life and professional career.

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