Reflection Post Unit 3.2

This unit was the most fun for me because I got to experience with a lot of hands on public relations material. This week we were asked to create two media pitches and two media advisories. I wrote the media advisories over an open house at Tipton Children’s Home and the Tipton Children’s Home Bikeathon. For the two media pitches, I created one pitch to a reporter from The Lawton Constitution about the bikeathon, and the other pitch was written to a reporter from The Altus Times regarding the Tipton Children’s Home organization.

Since I am not a public relations major, I had a difficult time trying to create the pitches and advisories. I understood the importance of trying to convey the most important material with the least amount of words. I also learned how to incorporate the 5W’s into a media advisory. I also know how to properly format a media advisory now, but the media pitches were a little more difficult since I didn’t have a format to look at.

I would like to know more about how to properly format a media pitch and how to go about doing your research to make sure you send it to reporter that will be worth your time and that will cover your event in the best possible way. I also feel like I still struggle with what information to put into an advisory or pitch. I would like to learn if there is an easy way to detect what important information must always be presented and what information must always be left out.

I think that these skill sets line up exactly with my expectations of the responsibilities of a public relations professional. It is important for them to know how to format these particular media pieces. They write a lot about events and stories for their clients, so having knowledge about how to properly recognize the most important information and using proper formatting skills is a good ability to have.

I think that learning the basics of the media pitches and media advisories will really help me become an established writer in whatever career I pursue. It is important to know how to take information given to you and highlight the most important aspects of it. I think creating and understanding a media pitch will help with developing good communication skills.



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