Reflection Post Unit 3.3

This week was definitely more challenging than any of the others. We were asked to create a backgrounder and fact sheet for the Tipton Children’s Home. We were given specific directions to follow in order to complete the assignment. For the fact sheet we were asked to write down the key facts about the program and create a one page presentation for it. For the backgrounder assignment, we were asked to write an in-depth information sheet over a specific issue.

The backgrounder assignment was much more difficult than the fact sheet. I have had experience making fact sheets in the past, and it was pretty easy to pick up on how to format it properly and make it unique. However, I learned that trying to word information that is presented in a fact sheet takes time and consideration. Since I have had no previous experience with creating a backgrounder, I did not know how to properly format it. I now realize the importance of backgrounders, because they help present information over an important issue in a clear and easy way to understand.

I would like to know more about all the different ways you can get creative with fact sheet and backgrounder formats, while still presenting the information in a professional manner. I would also like to learn more information on how to address the issue in a backgrounder.

I think these skills are important for a public relations professional because they need to be able to organize information about their client or company in a timely and professional manner. It is important for them to make sure they have their facts straight, because they need for their readers to be able to easily understand the information and not be confused after they read it.

I think these particular skill sets will help me in my career because they have taught me the importance of being consistent and thorough. This is an important skill to have because you need to be able to gain trust with people reading your information. I now feel prepared to research information and present it in a unique and logical way.

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