Reflection Post Unit 3.4

This week we were asked to watch a video about how to write a position paper, because next week we will be writing one on our own. In the video, I learned what a position paper was. It is similar to a thesis. In a position paper you must take a position and then broadcast an opinion. There are 4 parts to a position paper. The first part is the introduction which includes the thesis and summary. Next, counter arguments are included and evidence to support the thesis. The last part of the paper is the conclusion, which is a summary of main points or reasons.  Next week, we will write a  paper on the effectiveness of The Tipton Children’s Home as a viable option to the Oklahoma DHS foster system.

I haven’t had a lot of experience writing position papers, but after watching the video I feel confident that I can write one. Since we have been working with the Tipton Children’s Home, I feel confident with their information and can write a good opinion paper over the issue. The parts of a position paper are pretty similar to other papers, but I think writing the counter-argument will be the most challenging. Tipton Children’s Home provides a lot of information and there is a lot of information over foster systems, so I feel confident that I will be able to argue my position.

I would like to see more examples of position papers, to see how the counter-argument section is supposed to be written and how you can convince the audience that your opinion is valid. I also want to know if there is an easy way to research information and evidence that is relevant for your topic.

I think that this skill set fits with my expectations of a public relations professional because their job is important to making sure that the audience listens to what they have to say and finds them credible. They have to make sure that their research is thorough and convincing, all while staying organized.

I see this skill set helping me in my career because to write a position paper, you must stay organized and be able to find credible research information in a timely manner. For position papers you must believe what you write and that is an important asset to have in the professional field.

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