Reflection Post Unit 3.5

This week I was asked to write a position paper on the efficacy of The Tipton Children’s Home as a viable option to the Oklahoma DHS foster system. Through different statistics, credible sources and additional information, I was able to write a paper on why Tipton Children’s Home is the best option for youth. Although it was challenging I feel as though I gained a lot of knowledge on how to successfully write a position paper.

I think some things that I can pick up on now that I couldn’t before is to see how the different aspects of the paper come together. When I first began writing the paper I felt lost because I was nervous that my work wasn’t going to flow together, but in the end it turned out to be a pretty solid paper. After actually getting to write the counter-argument portion, I think I have a better understanding of how it is supposed to be presented and what information needs to be included.

I would’ve liked to actually had a full example of a position paper. I would still like to learn how to properly format a position paper.  I was a little confused on how to format the paper when I was writing it and there were a lot of different approaches the internet had examples of. I also would like to know what sites are considered more credible than others, and if that plays an important role in communicating your message effectively.

I think that this skill set fits my expectations of a public relations professional because they have to make sure their research is accurate and what they are presenting in their paper is valid. It is their job to persuade and make something sound good, so the skills of writing a position paper relate to how crucial it is for them to successfully convey their input on an issue or situation.

Finally, I am glad I was able to write this paper and see how it is formed. I think this particular skill set will help me in my career as far as conducting important research. It will also help me develop strong written skills and enhance my ability to form a valid argument.

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