Reflection Post Unit 3.6

I think my last reflection post was supposed to cover what I was doing this week, so I am going to reflect on writing a feature story (3.5) and Op-Eds and letter to the editor (3.6). This week I wrote a feature story about the advantages and disadvantages of unpaid internships. I interviewed a couple students from OU and did some research over the topic. Out of the list we were given this was the easiest to write about because I have experience with unpaid internships and I know how they can seem unfair. Next week, I will write an opinion editorial and a letter to the editor. I think these two assignments will be more interesting to write about because you can choose something that you are genuinely intrigued by.

I had never written a feature story, so trying to learn how to format one and find the right information was challenging. However, I can now properly use quotations and know where they need to be placed in order for the story to be compelling. I also feel like I have a better understanding of how to present a story to an audience. For next weeks assignments, I feel like I will be able to pick up on how to get your message across using short sentences and using my own voice in my writing.

For feature stories, I would like to know more about the proper headlines and format. I would also like to learn more about the APA writing rules because I struggled when trying to properly use them. For next week, I would like to know if there are any specific rules that you must avoid when writing over anĀ  opinion based topic.

I think that featured stories meet the expectations held by a public relations professional because they know how to present a story in order to meet a certain criteria and meet the standards that are required in order for the audience to find your story compelling. As far as opinion editorials and letters to the editor, I think that these also fit the role of a public relations professional because it is their job to get information out to the public. They also need to keep track of important issues that are affecting the public and that need to be addressed.

Overall, I think that feature stories will help me in my career someday, especially if I am asked to cover a specific topic and include certain sources. I think that opinion editorials and letters to the editor could also help me in the future by teaching me to get my point across with fewer words and helping me build confidence when I need to voice my opinion.


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