Reflection Post Unit 4.1

This week I reviewed the fundamentals of writing a PSA and next week I will get to put those skills to the test. I am excited about getting to write a PSA because it is not meant to be invasive, but rather raise awareness about a topic and try and change the public’s opinion through persuasion.

I have written a PSA before, but I didn’t get understand all of the aspects behind it like I do now. I think I can pick up on being better at knowing who my audience is when I am writing. A PSA is basically a conversation with yourself so it is important to know how they will respond and how you can connect with them. Also, I think I am able to personalize my messages better because that is key when it comes to relating to your audience.

I think I would like to know more about how to really develop an opening statement and message that will catch their attention and appeal to them. I would also like to ask PR professionals what types of call-to-actions the audience likes and interacts with the best.

I think this skill set meets my expectations of a public relations professional because they need to understand their audience and know how to appeal to them before they create their message. PR professionals want to make sure they are getting their message across but not taking too much attention away from what is most important.

I think this skill set is a good one to have because it teaches me good written and verbal skills, which will be a great aspect to have in my future career. I also think that it will help me when trying to narrow down important topics and deciding how the message should reach certain target audiences.




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