Reflection Post Unit 4.2

For Unit 4.2 I learned and watched a video about caption writing and the components that go with it. Next week, I will pick a story that is related to the campus community and that I can visually tell a story through. I will do this by making a PowerPoint slideshow.

I really enjoyed this unit, because I have a lot of interest in creative writing and photography. At my job now, I am in charge of posting clever social media posts for the company I work for, so I am familiar with trying to attract the reader’s attention. However, I am used to writing long posts or captions, so I can now pick up on how to properly get my point across by keeping captions short and direct. I also learned that in terms of caption writing, you must write in an active voice and present tense. News and feature are the two types of caption writing, and I can now pick up on how to properly place and arrange their components in order to improve the photo’s appearance and effectiveness.

I would like to know what type of photos and photo captions are most appealing to consumers and how to construct captions that are easy to read by the consumers.  I would also like to see an example of a bad cutline, in order to see what to avoid.

I think that this particular skill set fits with my expectations of a public relations professional because they must be able to attract their audiences attention through controlling a story, while making their information clear, direct and understandable.  It is their job make the consumer read the caption and see the picture in a new way. They have to be able to convey an important message to consumers, while only providing brief sentences that also contain the most important details.

I think this will help me in my career because I now know what it takes to write an effective caption. I can apply this to any journalistic opportunity I may have. It will also help me in my work with social media, because it is important to provide pictures with conveying captions to appeal to your audience and grow as a successful writer and professional.

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