Reflection Unit 2.2

For this week’s assignment we were asked to read and understand the elements of news, the big five, the ABC’s of Journalism, the inverted pyramid, ledes and bridges and how the body of a news story is formed. I rarely read  news releases, but after reading this unit I now realize how many small and precise details go into forming one. For example, I enjoyed learning about the functions of the 10 major elements of mass appeal because I learned they are such a crucial part to the nature of news.

I would like to get to know more about how to properly format a news release because that is also a very important element. Although the content needs catch the readers attention and display clear information, it also needs to flow correctly and be easy to read.

Public relations professionals play a crucial role in a company. It is up to them to maintain a certain image, communicate messages and establish strategies to build relationships with consumers and the public. I think all of the elements that go into producing a news release fit in exactly with my expectations of public relations professionals. Every aspect that goes into a news release has to be precise and the writer has to present strong writing skills. It is also their job to stay on topic, but also appeal to the emotions of the audience. I think the ABC’s of Journalism are really important principles for public relations professionals to follow in order to build trust with their audience.

As an advertising major, I think these elements will really help me with my future career. If I were asked to work on a campaign or work in digital design, it is important to be specific and accurate. The elements of a news release are important for any career because by learning the basics, one will be able to successfully communicate their message to others. By learning how to communicate in an effective way and including only the important details, like the lead and body information, the audience will appreciate your company and brand more.

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