Reflection Unit 3.1

This week we worked more on identifying news releases. For this week’s assignment we were asked to find a news release from the organization of our choice and markup their news release by pointing out the specific parts of it. Next week, I will get some practice of my own and write news releases for the Tipton Children’s Home and the Tipton Home Bikeathon. I am excited to be able to practice and test my knowledge and skills over news releases.

Using the knowledge I learned last week, I was able to attack this assignment with more ease. Last week, I was still a little unsure about identifying the parts of a news release. However, I think that getting to find a news release myself as well as hands on experience with picking out the specific parts,  helped me understand all the individual fundamental elements. I also now understand and know all of the specific names of the parts of a news release such as the  lede, boiler plate, dateline and end-of-story symbol.

I would like to know how much a news or press release costs for an organization. I would also like to know more about how well news releases have functioned since technology has advanced. I am interested to see how it will evolve over time and what kind of changes we can expect.

I think this skill set is one of the most important things for a public relations professional to understand. If you are in this field, you will most likely be the one who releases news statements, so it is really important for any public relations professional to understand how to properly format one.

I think this skill set will help me in my career whether I choose public relations or any other career path. If I were to work in public relations, I would feel fully prepared to write and properly format news releases. However, I also think it is important for anyone to understand the basic fundamentals of how to write a news release because it can help someone in their career with proper grammar, format and writing technique.

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