TB’s Home Decor

Brand/ Objective 

I originally wanted to chose a clothing boutique for this assignment, but since there are already many boutiques on Campus Corner I thought it would be more beneficial to choose something different. The brand that I chose is TB’s Home Decor. There isn’t a store on Campus Corner just for home decor and I know that for some college students (including me), it is fun to decorate and make your dorm/apartment/home represent you. TB’s Home Decor would have furniture, wall decorations,  pillows, table decor, etc and all at an affordable price. I have lived in a new place every year during my time at OU and each year I needed at least some kind of new home decor. I know as a freshman I loved decorating my dorm room and making it feel like home, and I would want my store to allow other students to feel that way too. Of course there are other home decor places in Norman, but this one is located on campus which is close to majority of student living. Also, there would be free furniture deliveries for all students. My objective is to increase awareness by creating a Facebook ad.


Looking to personalize your living space? Make your dream home come true with TB’s Home Decor.

Text of the Ad

TB’s Home Decor offers affordable home accessories and furniture to give you that home sweet home feeling. Located on Campus Corner, it is our mission to help students make their homes complete. Come shop with us today!

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Potential Artwork

The potential artwork for this ad campaign would be two college students laughing and relaxing on their brand new couch while also having a lot of wall decor and accessories in the picture to make it seem like the perfect room. The picture will be focused on how nice the quality of the decor is. I am thinking very bright colors with a hint of sparkle to really draw in the audience’s attention.


The audience for this ad campaign are mainly college students, men and women ages 18-30 years old who still live on campus and are in need of home decor. My audience size and potential reach is 170,000. This was determined within a 20 mile radius of campus for the area of Norman, Oklahoma. The estimated daily results reach was between 9,400 and 43,000. I used keywords and behaviors when running my market analysis such as “engaged shopper” and “home decor”.


My budget is $5.00 per day and the ad will run for 92 days starting on August 21, 2017. The overall price amount came out to be $460.21, so I will set my overall budget at $500.

Photo credit: http://www.realtor.com/advice/home-improvement/home-decor-advice-cheap-free/

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