& that’s a wrap!

I can’t believe this is my last blog post for Advertising Copy and Layout. I wanted to create something for my Summary of Learning that highlighted all of my accomplishments in this course. I decided to create an animated infographic to show everyone my journey through this class and the knowledge I learned. In this infographic I have included some of my projects that I have completed throughout the semester as well as what I believe each section meant to me and the main points I took from those lessons. The end slide represents where I want to take my professional career and what I will be taking with me, which is everything I have learned from Advertising Copy and Layout.

I have a positive reflection of this class. I put in a lot of hard work and I learned so much. I am happy to be taking this knowledge with me to help me in the future.

The course format of this class was my favorite in college so far. I love that we got to build something that would actually benefit us in our professional careers. It allowed us to be ourselves and be creative, instead of just writing papers on word documents and turning them in. Journaling every week was very fun to me. I have always wanted to start my own blog or at least keep a journal, and this was the perfect opportunity to push me to start that. I enjoyed sharing my opinions and getting to express myself every week. Knowing that I was writing for a public audience was a bit overwhelming at first because I didn’t want anyone to judge my work. However, I actually enjoyed writing for my peers to see and give me feedback. It taught me a lot. I also enjoyed getting the opportunity to see their work as well because I got to learn a little bit about who they and how they work as advertising practitioners. I think I grew every week throughout the length of this course. Each lesson taught me something new I needed to know in order to move on to the next project. In the end, I feel more comfortable with creating these projects and doing what I ┬álove to do. I no longer feel like I don’t have what it takes or am too shy to let my work be seen. Thank you Adam Croom and Advertising Copy and Layout for a fun class! The End.

Check out my final summary of learning project below:



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