The car that is AUDI of this world!

Do you like a car that is fast, fun and can handle many weather conditions? Well look no further, my 2013 Audi Q5 is the car for you. This car has all-wheel drive which can get you where you need to go whether there is rain, sleet or snow. A warm, sunny day calls for blasting music with the sunroof open. Lucky for you, this luxurious car has a glass window that opens almost the entire top of the car, perfect for riding with friends and family. If you like a smooth ride, my Audi is calling your name.

This challenge was called “Give a try at a why”. I enjoyed this challenge because I got to talk about my second favorite thing of mine, which is my car. I got this car for my high school graduation gift and it hasn’t ever disappointed me. This challenge required me to write a 80-100 word blog about why someone should buy my car. I thought this was the perfect time to practice my salesman skills. I honestly wish this car would last forever because it has the best qualities and features you could ask for. I have always loved sporty looking cars and I was so thankful to finally get one my senior year of high school. I have been on many road trips with friends, late night jam sessions and many sonic trips in this car. It was very easy for me to write about because I love every feature of it and it brought back many great memories for me.

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